Peace is every step


We had a wonderful day of mindfulness at Wiston Lodge this last weekend, with our focus on Peace. We sat in silence, read poems, folded paper cranes, walked in the meadow, did Chi Gung and Touching The Earth.

Over in the meadow we plan to build a Peace Garden for mindful walking meditation and contemplation. Here is the proposed site with our beloved Border Collie Pollaidgh front and centre.

Border Collie Peace Garden

Coming up in September is our annual drum circle facilitation training with facilitators Arthur Hull, Jim Boneau, Dr Jane Bently and Paul John Dear. 50 participants from across the globe will come together to make their unique brand of rhythmical magic. A community drum circle ( venue tbc) will take place over the weekend of Sept 22/23.

Keep in touch as we will continue to provide events with spirit and substance for your participation.



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