Winter Solstice Gathering at Wiston Lodge


Presents a Winter Solstice Gathering 2015 Dec 18th – 20th @ Wiston Lodge


We are very excited to present this line up for you…World Class Workshop Leaders and Live Music and Film that will blow your socks off…seriously…check out the info below…this is going to be magical.

The best part is that you can have ALL OF THIS and your food and accommodation for just £150.

We are selling only 30 residential weekend tickets so don’t hang about. Fill in the form below to secure a spot.

Sat evening tickets will be available separately for the concert and film screening at a cost of £15. Saturday evening Dinner can be ordered too at £8.50 so you can make an evening of it. (Fill in form above)

Here is the FULL weekend Schedule: BE AMAZED 🙂

Friday Dec 18th

Dinner 1900-2000

Community Drum Circle/Opening Ceremony 2000-2200

Sat Dec 19th

Breakfast 0900-1000

Morning Workshops: 1000-1200 (3 Options)

Choose from Drumming with Paul John Dear

Paul John Dear

Singing with Dr Jane Bentley

Jane B

Dancing with GODS (Glasgow Open Dance School)


1200-1300 FREE TIME

LUNCH 1300-1400

Afternoon Workshops: 1400-1600 Drum with Paul, Sing with Jane, Dance with GODS.

1600-1800 FREE TIME

DINNER 1800-1900

Live Music 1930-2130

Hang/Kora combo with Simon Wood and Holly Marland.

holly-promo-pic Simon Wood

Simon Wood is a magnificent hang drum player from Newcastle, Holly is Hebden Bridge’s favourite Kora player (well, only Kora player as yet!). Working together they’ve been on a mini tour of the North.

Simon and Holly will perform a magical extravaganza of dance-trance combining their exquisite sound worlds for us. Watch out for special guest cameos.

Mometo and friends: Ceremonial rhythms and songs from the African shamanic tradition of Gabon


Mometo (aka Ben Taylor) first went to Gabon in 2007 and has since returned three times to receive initiations and healings in the tradition called Bwiti. The music, whose polyrhythms are designed to engender altered mind states, is a vital, and very specific part of the ceremonies and he has been learning it since 2010. There are two main instruments used: the Ngombi, an eight stringed harp, and the Mungongo, a large, one stringed mouthbow. These instruments, along with rhythm sticks, rattles, drums and a chorus of singers, provide the hypnotic music that propels the all-night ceremonies. Mometo will be accompanied by his wife Kate who has also visited Gabon and encountered this music in the jungle where it originated.

Solo Performance from Claudio Kron Do Brazil

claudio-46“As always I introduce myself as a Brazilian percussionist! I am passionate about percussion and I love to work with a whole range of percussion instruments. The stage has become my second home, a place where I feel very comfortable performing the story of my life in terms of sounds, colours and vibrancy!”
Born in Bahia, Claudio kron do BRAZIL is a percussionist, poet and composer. In this solo show Claudio will be performing songs from his upcoming album plus some lovely sounds from his native Brazil. These are performed on three of Claudio’s favourite instruments: Berimbau, pandeiro and acoustic guitar. The power of African culture in Brazilian traditions. I will be honoured to have the accompaniment of Paul Dear, my friend percussionist from Yorkshire based at Wiston now.

2130-2330 Film Screening of Hecho En Mexico by Duncan Bridgeman ( 1 Giant Leap, What about me?)

2300 Dj’s till L8

Sunday Dec 20th:

Breakfast 0900-1000

1000-1100 FREE TIME

Daytime: Workshops: 1100-1300 Choose from Drumming with Paul John Dear, Singing with Dr Jane Bentley, Dancing with GODS (Glasgow Open Dance School)

Lunch (Roast Dinner) 1300-1400

Sun Afternoon: Closing Ceremony 1400-1500

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