UK Playshop 2017


Tinto Music and Arts is very proud to be the host for UK Playshop which will be held at the wonderful Wiston Lodge, in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The UK Playshop is directed by Paul John Dear and his core team of Dr Jane Bentley and Mr Steve Hill. Every year since 2008 Arthur Hull of Village Music Circles has alternately delivered his Basic Training ( A weekend) and his 10 day Intensive for Drum Circle Facilitators from all over the world here in Scotland.

This year we are happy to announce we will host an ‘extended weekend’ Drum Circle Facilitator Training.

Oct 26th -29th 2017, co-facilitated by Arthur Hull, Paul-John Dear and Dr Jane Bentley.

For more information and booking visit UK PLAYSHOP

Wiston Lodge will also host the first VMC international TTT (Train The Trainer) program this year from Oct 30th – Nov 2nd 2017. This training is by invitation only.


Arthur Hull

As a rhythm ambassador Arthur Hull travels the world inspiring community-building through the metaphor of music. His pioneering Rhythm Facilitation work has touched the lives of thousands of people world-wide instigating the new and growing profession of the community Drum Circle Facilitator.

Arthur is known throughout the world as an inspirational presenter, a skilled group facilitator and a motivational trainer. Bringing Village Music Circles experiences to communities and organizations worldwide, Arthur has inspired a grass-roots movement of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds who have learned to use the impact of rhythm as a means to improve human interaction. With a mission to make the joy and the impact of rhythm accessible to everyone, Arthur brings his fun and inspirational rhythm experiences to communities from corporate executives to kids at risk. A gifted percussionist and charismatic facilitator, Arthur leads diverse groups through a joyful and inspiring experience using music and rhythm. From small groups to groups of thousands, English speaking to Mandarin, youngsters to elders, Arthur’s wit and humor motivate people beyond cultural and personal barriers inspiring full, enthusiastic participation and community-building.

In 1980 Arthur Hull founded Village Music Circles™; Instructing over 7000 students at the University of California, Santa Cruz while bringing experiential team building and leadership events to organizations internationally. Organizations from Asia to Europe are tapping into the pulse of team and community-building experiences that Arthur’s motivational music making inspires.

Paul Dear with Arthur Hull in Malaysia

Paul John Dear has worked with Master Drummers from Senegal, Ghana and Guinea in West Africa, Morocco in North African and Bahia in Brazil. He was a founder member of The Kajamor Family. This group was brought together to promote the traditional Serouba and Bougarabou music of Casamance, Senegal. He has also played alongside Moroccan musician Mohammed Ibna Sin in Maghribibeat and with Beyondrum. Paul was one of the first to train and is now one of the most experienced, ‘Arthurian’ Drum Circle Facilitators in the UK. He has developed his facilitation skills in a wide variety of settings including Educational, Corporate and Community.

His relationship with Arthur goes back to 1999 and he is now happy to call the elf a friend.

Paul is a charismatic workshop leader and delivers his sessions with warmth, humour and a high degree of professionalism.

Since 1999 Rhythmbridge has delivered thousands of workshops to a wide diversity of communities and continues to be one of the most innovative drum companies around.

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