Welcome to the Tinto Music and Arts Website.

Tinto Music and Arts is an emergent Arts and Music organisation situated in the grounds of Wiston Lodge, set up in July 2014 by Meg Beresford with a view to meeting the following aims:

  • Promote and develop all forms of Music and Art in Wiston and the surrounding rural community
  • To promote and develop traditional and contemporary forms of Scottish Folk Music and Arts
  • To provide education and training opportunities for musicians and artists, both local and international
  • To produce inspirational cultural music and arts experiences and collaborations
  • To develop links with existing providers and with the local and national education network
  • To explore the links between music, arts and ecology.
  • To create unique performance and workshop spaces that are environmentally sustainable and which provide a focal point for music and the arts
  • To create spaces for Mindfulness and Peace